Structured Settlement Cash Advances

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Understand how cash advances for structured settlements work before deciding whether you want to seek or accept one.

Can I get a cash advance if I decide to sell my structured settlement or annuity?

Yes. If you qualify and we offer to purchase your structured settlement or annuity, we can provide you with an up front advance. Once the purchase is complete, this advance will be deducted from your lump sum payment.

Why should I consider requesting a structured settlement advance?

We understand that our customers sometimes need cash quickly. Since it can take a few months to complete the purchase of a structured settlement or annuity, we offer advances to help put money in our customers’ pockets faster.

Do you charge a financing fee or interest for an advance?

No. We do not charge any interest or financing fees for an advance.

How much can I receive for an advance?

The amount of your advance would depend on the size and length of your payment schedule.

What are the advantages of an advance on an annuity / structured settlement versus a loan or traditional cash advance?

The main advantage of an advance against an annuity or structured settlement is that there are no fees or financing charges. So, when the purchase of your annuity or structured settlement is complete, we simply deduct the amount of the advance from your lump sum.

Under a traditional loan or cash advance, companies will often charge very high interest rates and fees. Also, they will deduct what they are owed directly from your bank account on a set date without regard for your financial situation. Also, these loan companies are not afraid to engage in aggressive collection tactics.