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Selling Structured Settlement Payments

If you own a structured settlement and prefer selling the rights to your payment stream to receive a lump sum of money, we can help. With a friendly, helpful, and experienced team, we are happy working with your through the sales process and treating you with respect. Whether you want to sell some or all of your payment rights, we encourage you to contact us to receive a free, no obligation quote, informing you of how much money you can receive if you decide to move forward.

Yes. If you qualify and we offer to purchase your structured settlement or annuity, we can provide you with an up front advance. Once the purchase is complete, this advance will be deducted from your lump sum payment.

How to Sell Your Payments

Selling your can be relatively simple. Here are the steps:

  1. Information gathering: submit your information in the form above or call and speak with one of our knowledgeable and friendly representatives.
  2.  Quote: we will provide a quote to purchase your settlement.
  3. Sign a contract: if you like our offer and want to continue working with us,  we’ll officially start the process by completing a contract.
  4.  Court: court approval is required in most states when selling a structured settlement. This means you probably have to appear in court to convince a judge demonstrate that completing this transaction will not leave you and your family in financial trouble
  5. Payment!: you will receive your payment.

Get Professional Advice Before Selling

We recommend consulting with an attorney or a financial adviser before entering an agreement to sell your structured annuity. We think it is best that you have that you work with someone who only considers your interest and therefore refrain from providing recommendations for specific attorneys or advisers.

Get a cash advance before selling

Do you need a little cash before the sales process is complete? Ask us about receiving a cash advance. We may be able to help!

Comparing quotes

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