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Structured Settlement Brokers

What is a Structured Settlement?

A structured settlement is a series of payments that are paid over time to a plaintiff in a lawsuit to cover damages. Settlement payments can provide reliable funds over a period of time to help an injured party manage unexpected or unpredictable medical expenses. Some claimants may feel a sense of financial security by receiving the periodic payments scheduled in a structured settlement annuity when compared with a lump sum payment. 

What is a Structured Settlement Broker?

A structured settlement broker is a person with required credentials, including a life insurance license, who represents a party in a lawsuit in proposing, planning, and obtaining a structured settlement to settle a settlement or judgment.

Settlement Consultant Certifications

Professionals who work with structured settlements, including those from life insurance companies and factoring companies, may earn a pair of certifications through a professional group called The National Structured Settlements Trade Association. The first certification is to be classified as a Certified Structured Settlement Consultant (CSSC). The CSSC requires more than 80 hours of class instruction and learning prior to an examination. The second certification is the Master’s Certificate in Structured Settlement Consulting (MSSC). Eligibility fo the MSSC requires a combination of a CSSC and seven years structured settlement industry experience. 

List of Structured Settlement Brokers

Arcadia Settlements Group
5613 DTC Parkway, Suite 600,
Greenwood Village, Colorado 80111

Phone: 800-354-4098

Arcadia home page above the fold featuring top navigation and image of a man, perhaps a client, riding a bike with a prosthesis.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Liability
  • Risk Management
  • Casualty Compensation
  • Specialized training for negotiations using structured settlements
  • Seminars on settling Workers’ Compensation claims using medical trusts and Medicare Set-aside Trusts

Ametros Financial
200 Ballardvale Street
Suite 200
Wilmington, MA 01887, US

Phone: 877-620-2221

Top of Ametros' home page with a logo, site navigation, and a header with a video featuring an Ametros member.

Services and Products offered:

  • CareGuard: Professional Fund Administration
  • Amethyst: Self-Administration Tool
  • CareQuote: Accurate Medical Pricing
  • Benefits Advisory: Consultations on federal and state benefits
  • Banking: Banking services built for your settlement
  • Pricing

Atlas Settlement Group, Inc.
8201 Golf Course Rd NW Suite D3-290
Albuquerque, NM 87120

Phone: 505-220-3406

Atlas logo, website navigation, and a couple smiling with their faces close together.

Services offered in:

  • Personal injury
  • Medical malpractice
  • Wrongful death claims
  • Minors’ claims
  • Environmental and workers’ compensation to include Medicare Set-Asides and professional administration
  • Working with attorneys on non-qualified cases and attorney fees

Brant Hickey & Associates
20397 Route 19
Suite 300
Cranberry Township, PA 16066

Toll Free: 800.364.6488
Local: 412.356.1001

Brant Hickey logo, site navigation, and header image of people in suits in a meeting room. Quote overlay that says "For over 35 years, we've been crafting innovative long term strategies for complex claims.

Services and Products offered:

  • Annuities
  • Money Management
  • Asset Protection
  • Long-Term Care Strategies
  • Life Insurance
  • Tax-Efficient Strategies

Patrick C. Farber
1851 E. First Street
Suite 1255
Santa Ana, CA 92705

Toll Free: 800.734.3910

Tel: 949.833.3910

Photos of Patrick Farber and two other team members beneath the quote, "Our offices provide the comprehensive advice necessary for injured parties who must make their settlement last a lifetime."

Services offered:

  • Settlements involving medical malpractice, physical injury, non-physical injury, product liability, workers’ compensation, mass torts, punitive damages, employment, construction defect cases and attorney fees in court hearings, arbitrations and settlement conferences